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Is this a subscription?

No, when you complete your order on the next page, you make a one-time payment.

You can choose to buy extra meal plans to use in future months. But whether you buy a single meal plan or enough plans to last 12 months, you will only be charged once.

Do my meal plans disappear?

How does it work if I buy extra meal plans?

Do I have to worry about counting all my carbs?

How do you figure out my meal plan and macro-nutrient calculations?

I can’t eat the same thing every day — my taste buds need variety. How many different recipes will I get?

Can’t I just find these recipes for free online?

I heard you can’t eat fruit on the Keto diet. How is that healthy?

Are the meals hard to make?

Do the recipes use expensive food?

Do the recipes require hard-to-find specialty ingredients?

What if I don’t like one of the ingredients in a recipe? Or what if I can’t find something in my local grocery store — or it’s out of stock?

Won’t a diet based on eating fat make me fat?

Is Keto just a fad?

Is this going to spike my cholesterol?

I’ve heard horror stories about the “Keto Flu.” Will your meal plans help?